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While we have so many stories to tell, it is of the "Pashmina" that binds us the most. Pashmina is the Nepali word for "Cashmere". In Nepali folklore, analogies of the warmth of the wool are sung to the warmth of endeared love. Cashmere Wool has been sheared from the "Himalayan Chyangra" (the indigenous name of the Goat in Nepal) - throughout Nepal's history. Nepal has her own Trademark on Cashmere. Namely, "Chanygra Pashmina".

In Medieval times - Kings, Aristocrats and Nobles from the courts of the Ottoman Empire to the Moguls of India were known to prize the wool. The wool was first discovered for the West by British Colonizers, in the Kashmir valley in India; hence "Cashmere".

We wove our first Pashmina Shawl in the early 90's. The Blending with silk was an invention in the Kathmandu valley. The elegant sheen of the Pashmina-silk mix with the hand tassel finish caught the attention of some prominent western Designers and what we wove in our timeworn factories transmuted into a Global Fashion Accessory shortly after. The Pashmina Shawl has changed a lot, since.

Our customers' have also changed. We sold our first shawls personally to dignitaries from the West on Ambassadorial entourages. Today, the Winds of time have brought us friends who sell it to self-respecting denizens of beautiful hinterlands, our seamstresses and weavers see on TV. In their lore it is all America

The Story of this "Pashmina" Shawl, which has connected us to the world in ways we had never imagined, is the one we can share with you.

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